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PIXMA E3170 vs. PIXMA TS5070

Whenever you go to purchase a printer in the market, you came across a number of printers of varying cost and specification. Which makes you confuse? And the various number of questions comes to your mind like which one to buy, Is this printer capable of fulfilling my need, why this printer is costlier than that printer, etc. Thus, for giving an answer to your every question, we are providing you the comparison between printers. Here, are the comparison between two popular Canon printers.

PIXMA E3170 and PIXMA TS5070, these two Canon printers are one of the most demanded printers in the market.But the shocking thing is both the printers belong to two totally different ranges. Printer PIXMA E3170 is in the range of Rs.6000 and PIXMA TS5070 is in the range of Rs.10,000. Below are the reasons, why printer of the same series belongs to two different price ranges:


1. Although both the printers are Inkjet printers whose printing format is A4.But the A4 printing speed for Monochrome, ESAT of PIXMA E3170 is 7.0ipm where as the printing speed of PIXMA TS5070 is 12.6ipm.And A$ printing speed for Color, ESAT is 4.0ipm and 9.0ipm respectively.

2. The scan resolution of PIXMA E3170 is 600* 1200 dpi where as scan resolution of PIXMA TS5070 is 1200*2400 dpi. 

3. Standard Paper Input Capacity of PIXMA TS5070 is 100 sheets in comparison to PIXMA E3170, whose capacity is 60 sheets.

4. Both are the wireless printers but direct printing takes place in Printer E3170 through Access Point Mode or Wireless PictBridge where as in TS5070 it takes place through Wireless PictBridge or Wireless Direct or through Memory Card Slots.

5. E3170 have 1.5inch Segment LCD Display where as TS5070 has 3.0inch Color LC D Display.

6. PIXMA TS5070 not only have the feature of AUTO POWER ON/OFF like PIXMA E3170, it also has one more useful feature of Document Removal Reminder which makes its working even more efficient.

7. Although Printer PIXMA E3170 is of 3.9kg as its dimension is 435 X 316 X 145mm (approx) where as Printer PIXMA TS4070 is little heavier and large in size as it is of 5.5 Kg and its dimension is 372 X 315 X 216mm.

8. Compatible Ink Consumables (Standard) of E3170 are PG-47 and CL-57S whereas of TS5070 are PSI-770, CLI-771 C/M/Y/BK.

These are the few reasons because of which PIXMA TS5070 is more costly than PIXMA E3170.
Although both the printers are wireless printers of good quality and perfect for particular requirements according to their specifications.


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